February 2022: Joseph Schumpeter’s “Capitalism, Socialism, and Democracy”

Please join us in February, 2022 for Capitalism, Socialism, and Democracy, with Edward Harpham.


Pre-registration is required. Participants will need to acquire a copy of Joseph A. Schumpeter's Capitalism, Socialism, and DemocracyParticipants who successfully complete ALL sessions will be eligible to receive an Amazon e-gift certificate.

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The sessions and readings are as follows:

Session One: Can Capitalism Survive? (Tuesday, February 8, 4-5pm EST)

Read Prologue: pp. 61-2

Read Chapter VI. Plausible Capitalism: pp. 72-80

Read Chapter VII. The Process of Creative Destruction: pp. 81-86

Read Chapter XI: The Civilization of Capitalism: pp. 121-30

Read Chapter XII. Crumbling Walls: pp.131-42.

Read Chapter XIII. Growing Hostility: pp. 142-55

Read Chapter XIV. Decomposition: pp. 156-63

Session Two: Can Socialism Work? (Tuesday, February 15, 4-5pm EST)

Read Chapter XV. Clearing the Decks: pp. 167-71

Read Chapter XVI. The Socialist Blueprint: pp. 172-86

Read Chapter XVII. Comparison of Blueprints: pp. 193-99

Chapter XVIII. The Human Element: pp. 200, 205-212

Read Chapter XIX. Transition: pp. 219-28

Session Three: Socialism and Democracy (Tuesday, February 22, 4-5pm EST)

Chapter XXI. The Classical Doctrine of Democracy: pp. 250-68

Chapter XXII. Another Theory of Democracy. pp. 269-83

Chapter XXIII. The Inference. pp. 284-302