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Source: APPENDIX B.: MR. JEVONS' WRITINGS in Letters and Journal of W. Stanley Jevons, edited by his Wife (Harriet A. Jevons) (London: Macmillan and Co., 1886).

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24th August.—Weekly meteorological reports begun in the Empire newspaper, Sydney. Continued without intermission up to the end of June 1858.


7th April.—“Comparison of the Land and Railway Policy of New South Wales.”—Empire.

24th April—“Meteorology of Australia.”—Empire.

23d June.—“The Public Lands of New South Wales.”—Empire. Reprinted in the Summary for England.

June.—Monthly meteorological reports begun in the Sydney Magazine of Science and Art. Continued till the end of June 1858.

July.—“On the Cirrus Form of Cloud, with Remarks on other Forms of Cloud.”—In the London and Edinburgh Philosophical Magazine, having been communicated by Professor Graham.

August.—“On a Sun-gauge, or New Actinometer,” with illustrations.—Sydney Magazine. Communicated by H. E. Roscoe to the London Philosophical Magazine.


January.—“On the Forms of Clouds.”—Sydney Magazine.

April.—“On the Forms of Clouds.”—An Abbreviation in the London Philosophical Magazine, 4th series, vol. xv. p. 241.

October.—“Remarks on the Geological Origin of Australia;” and also “Earthquakes in New South Wales.”—Sydney Magazine. “Some Data concerning the Climate of Australia and New Zealand,” six chapters, fifty-two pages, 12mo.—Published in Waugh's Australian Almanack for 1859.


March.—“Meteorological Observations in Australia.”—Sydney Magazine. “On the Semidiurnal Variation of the Barometer.” London Philosophical Magazine.

November.—“Remarks on the Australian Gold Fields.”—Read by H. E. Roscoe before the Manchester Philosophical Society, 15th November 1859, and printed in the first volume of the third series of their Memoirs, with illustrations.


July.—“Light and Sunlight.”—Article in the National Review.

September.—Series of seven articles in the Manchester Examiner relating to the Meetings of the British Association.

“On the Deficiency of Rain in an Elevated Rain-gauge as caused by Wind.” Read by Professor R. Clifton before the Mathematical and Physical Section of the British Association, and printed in Philosophical Magazine for December.

Written January to August, and published in the course of the work, the following articles in the Chemical Dictionary, edited by H. Watts:—“Balance,” “Barometer,” “Cloud,” “Gold Assay,” “Hydrometer,” “Hygrometer,” “Thermometer,” “Volumenometer.”


April.—Article on the “Spectrum.”—London Quarterly Review.

June.—Diagram showing all the weekly accounts of the Bank of England since 1844, with the circulation and the bank minimum rate of discount. Diagram showing the price of the English funds, the price of wheat, the number of bankruptcies, and the rate of discount monthly since 1731.

July.—Notice of Kirchhoff's Researches on the Spectrum.—Philosophical Magazine.

September.—Read before the F Section of the British Association at Cambridge: (1) “Notice of a General Mathematical Theory of Political Economy;” (2) “On the Study of Periodic Commercial Fluctuations, with five Diagrams.”


16th April.—A Serious Fall in the Value of Gold ascertained, and its Social effects set forth, with two Diagrams.

18th December,—Pure Logic, or the Logic of Quality apart from Quantity, with Remarks on Boole's System and on the Relation of Logic and Mathematics.


March.—Notice of Kirchhoff's second Memoir and Map of the Spectrum.—Philosophical Magazine.

12th March.—“Statistics of Shakespearean Literature.”—Athenœum, No. 1898.


April—The Coal Question.

16th May.—“On the Variation of Prices and the Value of the Currency since 1782.”—Journal of the Statistical Society of London, June 1865.

2d October.—Introductory Address on “Reading and Study” at the opening of session at Queen's College, Liverpool.


3d April.—“On a Logical Abacus.”—Literary and Philosophical Society, Manchester.

1st June.—“Mr. Gladstone's Financial Policy.”—Macmillan's Magazine.

1st July.—“On the Frequent Autumnal Pressure in the Money Market, and the Action of the Bank of England.”—Journal of Statistical Society. “Brief Account of a General Mathematical Theory of Political Economy.”—Journal of Statistical Society.

12th October.—Introductory Lecture at the opening of session of evening classes at Owens College, “On the Importance of Diffusing a Knowledge of Political Economy.”

The Coal Question, 2d edition.


16th January.—Science Lectures for the People, No. IX., “On Coal—its Importance in Manufactures and Trade.”

10th April.—“On the Analogy between the Post Office, Telegraphs, and other Systems of Conveyance of the United Kingdom as regards Government Control.”—Manchester Statistical Society.

“Probable Duration of South Staffordshire Coal Field.” Geological Magazine. Being the substance of a lecture delivered at the Midland Institute, Birmingham, on the 27th March.


13th March.—Lecture on the “Probable Exhaustion of our Coal Mines.”—Royal Institution of Great Britain.

31st March.—Lecture on “Trades Societies; their Objects and Policy.” Delivered by request of the Trades Unionists' Political Association in the Co-operative Hall, Hulme, Manchester.

24th April.—Evidence before the Royal Commission on International Coinage.

13th May.—“On the International Monetary Convention,” etc.—Manchester Statistical Society.

17th November.—“On the Condition of the Metallic Currency of the United Kingdom,” etc.—London Statistical Society.


February and March.—Lectures on Political Economy at Hyde.—Reported in the North Cheshire Herald.

13th March.—Report to the Chancellor of the Exchequer on the Pressure of Taxation.

8th May.—Letter “On the Value of Gold” in the Economist. Reprinted in the Journal of the Statistical Society, 1869.

June.—The Substitution of Similars, The True Principle of Reasoning, Derived from a Modification of Aristotle's Dictum.

Letters in the Times “On the Condition of the Metallic Currency of the United Kingdom,” dated 27th August and 7th September.

October.—Inaugural Address to the Manchester Statistical Society, “On the Work of the Society in connection with the Questions of the Day.”


January.—“On the Principle of the Conservation of Customs.”—Owens College Magazine.

20th January.—Paper “On the Mechanical Performance of Logical Inference,” read before the Royal Society.

25th January.—“On the so-called Molecular Movements of Microscopic Particles.”—Manchester Literary and Philosophical Society.

“On a General System of Numerically Definite Reasoning.”—Manchester Literary and Philosophical Society.

April.—“On Industrial Partnerships.” Lecture delivered under the auspices of the National Association for the Promotion of Social Science.

30th June.—“On the Natural Laws of Muscular Exertion.”—Nature.

18th August—“On the Natural Laws of Muscular Exertion.”—Nature.

15th September.—Opening Address as President of Section F of the British Association.

1st October.—Elementary Lessons in Logic.

8th December.—Memorial to the Home Secretary as to “Uniformity in Census of 1871.”


9th February.—“The Power of Numerical Discrimination.”—Nature.

“Report and Minutes of Evidence Royal Commission to Inquire into Several Matters Relating to Coal in the United Kingdom.”

June.—“The Match Tax, a Problem in Finance.”

October.—The Theory of Political Economy. [Translated into Italian.]


“On the Inverse or Inductive Logical Problem.”—Literary and Philosophical Society, Manchester.


May.—“Who discovered the Quantification of the Predicate?”—Contemporary Review.

“The Use of Hypothesis,” Extract from Principles of Science.Fortnightly Review.

14th August.—“Lakes with two Outfalls.”—Nature.

“The Philosophy of Inductive Inference,” Extract from Principles of Science.Fortnightly Review.


2d February.—The Principles of Science, A Treatise on Logic and Scientific Method.

14th May.—“Lakes with Two Outfalls.”—Letter to Nature.

4th July.—“Mill's Logic and The Principles of Science.”—Hull Criterion.

April.—“The Railways and the State.” Essays and Addresses by Professors and Lecturers, Owens College.

11th November.—“The Progress of the Mathematical Theory of Political Economy.”—Manchester Statistical Society.

“Théorie Mathématique de l'Echange. Question de priorité. Correspondance entre M. Jevons, Professeur à Manchester è M. Walras, Professeur à Lausanne.”—Journal des Economistes, t. xxxiv.


August.—“The Solar Period and the Price of Corn,” and “The progress of the Coal Question.”—Papers read at the Meeting of the British Association, Section F.

16th September.—Money and the Mechanism of Exchange. [Translated into French, German, and Italian.]

7th October.—“Comte's Philosophy.”—Nature.

December.—“The Post Office Telegraphs and their Financial Results.”—Fortnightly Review.


8th March.—“On the United Kingdom Alliance, and its prospects of success.”—Manchester Statistical Society.

14th April.—“The Future of the Skating Rink; a Serious speculation by a Philosophic Correspondent.”—Manchester Guardian.

May.—“Cruelty to Animals, a Study in Sociology.”—Fortnightly Review.

Article on “Boole.”—Encydopædia Britannica, vol. iv.

June.—Primer of Logic. [Translated into Italian and Hindustanee, and now being translated into Polish.]

November.—“The Future of Political Economy.”—Fortnightly Review.



December.—“The Silver Question.”—Banker's Magazine.

December.—“John Stuart Mill's Philosophy tested.”—Contemporary Review.

Principles of Science, Second Edition.


April.—“On the Movement of Microscopic Particles suspended in Liquid.”—Quarterly Journal of Science.

March.—Primer of Political Economy. [Translated into French and Italian.]

April.—“John Stuart Mill's Philosophy tested.”—Contemporary Review.

August—“Note on the Pedetic Action of Soap.”—Section A, British Association.

August.—“The Periodicity of Commercial Crises and its Physical Explanation.”—Read at the Meeting of the British Association, Section F.

October.—“Amusements of the People.”—Contemporary Review.

14th November.—“Commercial Crises and Sunspots,” Part I.—Nature.

19th November.—“Remarks on the Statistical Use of the Arithmometer.”—Statistical Society.


January.—“A State Parcel Post.”—Contemporary Review.

17th January.—“Commercial Crises and Sunspots.”—Letter to Times.

13th February.—“Sunspots and the Plague.”—Note in Nature.

19th April—“Sunspots and the Plague.”—Note in Nature.

24th April.—“Commercial Crises and Sunspots,” Part II.—Nature.

The Theory of Political Economy, Second Edition, with new Preface.

November.—“John Stuart Mill's Philosophy tested.”—Contemporary Review.

4th December.—“Sewage Pollution of the Thames.”—Letter to the Times.


February.—“Experimental Legislation and the Drink Traffic.”—Contemporary Review.

July.—“Postal Notes, Money Orders, and Bank Cheques.”—Contemporary Review.

October.—Studies in Deductive Logic.

October.—Preface to the translation of Cossa's Guide to Political Economy.


January.—“Richard Cantillon and the Nationality of Political Economy.”—Contemporary Review.

March.—“The Rationale of Free Public Libraries.”—Contemporary Review.

May.—“Bimetallism.”—Contemporary Review.

14th July.—“Symbolic Logic.”—Nature.


January.—“Married Women in Factories.”—Contemporary Review.

June.—-The State in Relation to Labour.

July.—“List of Selected Books inPolitical Economy.”—Monthly Notes of Library Association.

6th July.—“The Solar Commercial Cycle.”—Nature.

August.—“Reflected Rainbows.”—Field Naturalist.


Methods of Social Reform, and other papers. Collected from the Contemporary Review and elsewhere; edited by his wife.


Investigations in Currency and Finance. Edited by Prof. H. S. Foxwell.

Works by the Late W. STANLEY JEVONS,
LL.D., M.A., F.R.S.

The Principles of Science: A Treatise on Logic and Scientific Method. New and Cheaper Edition, revised. Crown 8vo. 12s. 6d.

The Substitution of Similars the True Principle of Reasoning. Derived from a Modification of Aristotle's Dictum. Fcap. 8vo. 2s. 6d.

Studies in Deductive Logic. A Manual for Students. Second Edition. Crown 8vo. 6s.

Elementary Lessons in Logic: Deductive and Inductive. With copious Questions and Examples, and a Vocabulary of Logical Terms. New Edition. 18mo. 3s. 6d.

Primer of Logic. 18mo. 1s. [Science Primers.

The Theory of Political Economy. Second Edition, revised and enlarged with New Preface, etc. 8vo. 10s. 6d.

Primer of Political Economy. 18mo. 1s. [Science Primers.

Methods of Social Reform. Demy 8vo. 10s. 6d.

The State in Relation to Labour. Crown 8vo. 3s. 6d. [English Citizen Series.

Investigations in Currency and Finance. Edited, with an Introduction, by H. S. Foxwell, M.A., Fellow and Lecturer of St. John's College, Cambridge, and Professor of Political Economy at University College, London. Illustrated by 20 Diagrams. Demy 8vo. 21s.

Principles of Economics. (A Fragment) [In the Press.