James Mill, Commerce Defended (1808)

Bicentennial of the Publication of James Mill's Commerce Defended (1808)

James Mill (1773-1836) was an early 19th century Philosophic Radical, journalist, and editor from Scotland. He was very influenced by Jeremy Bentham’s ideas about utilitarianism which he applied to the study of British India, political economy, and electoral reform. Mill wrote on the British corn laws, free trade, comparative advantage, the history of India, and electoral reform. His son, John Stuart (1806-1873), after a rigorous home education, became one of the leading English classical liberals in the 19th century. 2008 is the bicentennial aniversay of the publication of his book Commerce Defended. An Answer to the Arguments by which Mr. Spence, Mr. Cobbett, and Others, have attempted to Prove that Commerce is not a source of National Wealth (1808).

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