Chronology: Aquinas, His Works and Life

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Source: Introduction to The “Summa Theologica” of St. Thomas Aquinas. Part I QQ I.-XXVI. Literally translated by Fathers of the English Dominican Province. Second and revised edition (London: Burns Oates and Washbourne, 1920). Vol. 1.


Wrongly put in the Apocrypha.
*Works in italics were lectures given by St. Thomas.
1254 1254-56. Comm. in Sen. Collationes Dominiales (1254-64) 1254
1255 De Principiis Naturæ Sermones Quadrarg. (*) 1255
1256 1256-59.*In Matt., Mark, Luke, John In Matt. (36) De Ente et Essentia QQ. de Vestate (1256-59) 1256
1257 1258 (?). In Boet. de Trin. Contra impug. Dei cultum 1258 (?). In 1 Bœtii de Hebdom. 1257
1259 1259-61. Isaias c. 1259. In Dion. de Div. Nom. QQ. de Potentia (1259-63) In 1m et 2m Decretal 1259
1260 Com. Theol. 1260
1261 1261-64. Job 1261-62. Catena Aurea in Matt. 1261-68. De Articulis Fidei 1261-68. De Rationibus Fidei 1261
1262 1262
1263 Cont. Errores Græcorum De Emptione et Venditione QQ. de Malo (1263-68) OFFICIVM. CORPORIS, CHRISTI 1263
1264 1264-68. Jeremias Cant. Cantic. R. de Art. CVIII. 1264
1265 1265-67. Catena Aurea in Mark, Luke, John In 1m Sentent. 1265-66. De Reg. Princ. 1265-68. In VIII. lib. Physic. 1265
In XII. lib. Metaphy.
1266 In III. lib. de Anima 1266
In L. de Sensu et Sensuto
1267 In L. de Memoria et Reminisc. 1267
1268 In X. lib. Ethic. ad Nicom. QQ. de Unione Verbi Incarn. (Sept.-Nov.) 1268
In IV. lib. Politic.
In Post. Analytic.
1269 1269-71. John 1269-72. De Forma Absol. De Perf. Vitæ Spir. Jan., 1269-71. In lib. de Causis QQ. de Spir. Creaturis (Jan.-June) 1269
Ia PARS SUMMæ THEOL. In IV. lib. Meteor.
In Pershermeniam Easter. Quod I.
1269-72, De Occ. Operat. Naturæ Christmas. Quod II.
De Judiciis Astrorum
De Sortibus
De Reg. Judæorum
1270 1270-72 (Easter). 3rd Noct. of Psalter Contra Retrahentes De Unitate Intellectus Sep., 1270. QQ. de Virtutibus 1270
De Æternitæ Mundi
Easter. Quod III.
1271 1271-72. 15th chap. of Matt.* 1271-72. Ia-IIa Pars Summæ Theol. R. de Art. XXXVI. 1271
R. de Art. XLII.
R. de Art. VI.
Art. etiam remissi
Christmas. Quod V.
1272 After 1272. 4th Noct. of Psalter 1272-73. IIa-IIIa Pars Summæ Theol. 1272-73. In III. lib. de Cœlo et Mundo Easter. Quod VI. 1272
Oct., 1272-73. Rom., 1 Cor. Oct., 1272-73. De Subst. Separatis (= De Angelis)
1273 1273. IIIa Pars Summæ Theol. In II. lib. de Generatione Lent. Collationes de Credo in Deum 1273
De Mixtione Elementorum De Pater Noster
De Motu Cordis De Dec. Præcep.
De Ave Maria
1274 R. ad Bernardum Abbatem 1274


1212 Frederic II., Emperor } ROCCA SICCA
1216 [oc]
1224-25 (?) St. Thomas, born at Rocca Sicca, near Aquino }
1227 St. Louis, King. St. Francis of Assisi dies Sinnebald, kinsman of St. Thomas, Abbot of Monte Cassino }
1228 Gregory IX. invades Naples. The Aquinos and Abbot of Monte Cassino resist papal troops }
1229 Papal troops, under John of Brienne, ravage Naples. Council of Toulouse }
Nov. Frederic II. takes Monte Cassino } MONTE CASSINO.
1230 Aug. Gregory IX. and Frederic II. make ‘Peace of San Germano’ (through B. Gualo, O.P. St. Thomas offered at Monte Cassino }
1231 June 1 Sunday. Lightning kills sister of St. Thomas. ‘Collectio of the Laws of Sicily,’ by Peter de Vineis }
1234 St. Raymund of Pennafort, O.P., by command of Gregory IX., publishes the ‘Decretales’ }
Sep. 5 Gregory IX. driven from Rome }
1236 Abbot Sinnebald dies }
1237 Frederic II. fights Lombard League. Is defeated at Cortenuova. St. Raymund Pennafort, O.P., Master-General }
1239 Mar. 20 Palm Sunday. Gregory IX. excommunicates Frederic II. Monte Cassino taken by Frederic II. St. Thomas stays with his family at Loreti. Miracle of Roses }
Autumn St. Thomas goes to University of Naples } NAPLES.
1241 Frederic II. attacks Rome }
Sep. Gregory IX. dies. }
Fifteen days. }
Cardinals fly to Anagni. B. John, the Teutonic Master-General. Frederic II. writes to the General Chapter }
1244 April (end) St. Thomas takes the habit of a Friar Preacher at Naples }
May On his way to Paris, St. Thomas is taken prisoner at Aquapendente, where Frederic II. with his Court and Army imprisoned in his own home at Rocca Sicca } ROCCA SICCA.
1244 Innocent leaves Rome }
1245 Jan. General Chapter at Cologne }
Autumn St. Thomas set free. Goes to Paris. Studies under B. Albert the Great, O.P. } PARIS
1248 General Chapter orders five Studia Generalia (Paris, Montpellier, Oxford, Cologne, Bologna) }
Summer St. Thomas goes with B. Albert the Great, O.P., to Cologne. Conrad of Hochstaden lays first stone of Cathedral } COLOGNE.
1250 Frederic II. dies. Innocent IV. at war with Conrad IV. and Manfred. Brothers of St. Thomas side with Pope. Conrad IV. takes Rocca Sicca. Aquino destroyed. Raynal, brother of St. Thomas, starved in prison. Mother already dead. St. Peter Martyr, O.P., martyred }
1252 Feb. University Masters of Paris denounce regulars }
Summer St. Thomas at Paris } PARIS.
1254 B. Humbert, O.P., Master-General }
Feb. Masters at Paris write against regulars }
April Masters strike }
Oct. Innocent IV. at Naples. Manfred revolts }
Nov. 21 ‘ETSI ANIMARUM’ against regulars }
Dec. 2 Manfred defeats Pope at Monte Foggio }
Dec. 7 Innocent IV. dies }
Dec. 21 Alexander IV. annuls ‘Etsi Animarum’ }
1255 Wm. of St. Amour, ‘De Periculis Novissimis,’ ‘Evangelium Æternum’ }
Mar. 9 University of Paris orders teaching of Aristotle }
1256 Spring Chancellor Emeric licenses St. Thomas. St. Thomas is made Master of Theology }
1256 Alexander IV. at Anagni. B. Humbert, O.P., Master-General, also there. Alexander IV. sends for St. Bonaventure, O.F.M. B. Albert the Great, O.P., teaches a year at Anagni }
Sep. St. Thomas teaches as Master in the Schools of the Friar Preachers at Paris }
1256 Oct. 5 Alexander IV. condemns ‘De Periculis Novissimis’ and ‘Evangelium Æternum.’ B. Albert the Great, O.P., writes ‘De Unitate Intellectus contra Avensen’ at request of Alexander IV.} PARIS.
1259 Palm. St. Thomas preaching in Paris is interrupted.}
June St. Thomas at General Chapter at Valencienne. St. Thomas, B. Albert, Peter of Tarentarsi, Bonhomme, and Florent, draw up rules for study. St. Thomas leaves Paris for Anagni. St. Thomas teaches at Anagni, where Papal Court resides}
Sep. 24 William of St. Amour condemned} ANAGNI.
1261 May Alexander IV. dies}
(Patriarch of Jerusalem.)}
Urbain IV. sends for St. Thomas to write for Reunion with Greeks. St. Thomas preaches in St. Peter’s. Attached to Papal Court. St. Thomas teaches at Anagni}
1262 Writes Epitaph of St. Peter, Martyr, O.P., at Milan}
1263 Jan. 13 Urbain IV. renews decree of Gregory IX. forbidding Aristotle. General Chapter at London. B. Humbert, O.P., resigns}
Mar. 19 Cardinal Hugh of St. Cher, O.P., dies with Pope at Orvieto}
1264 July 2 Urbain IV. gives privileges to Arino, brother of St. Thomas}
Oct. 2 Urbain IV. dies at Perugia} ROME.
1265 Feb. Viterbo}
(Legate in England.)}
Clement IV. gives Naples to Charles of Anjóu, brother of St. Louis}
1267 June 5 Bologna (Whit Sunday). St. Thomas present at Translation of St. Dominic at Bologna. Seger of Brabant appears}
Autumn Clement IV. calls St. Thomas to Viterbo} VITERBO.
1268 May 18 Moerbeke, O.P., publishes translation of ‘Elementatis Theologica’ of Produ}
Nov. Clement IV. dies. Buried in Dominican Church, Viterbo}
Nov. St. Thomas sent to teach at Paris} PARIS.
Jan. St. Thomas arrives in Paris.}
1269 May General Chapter at Paris. With Kilwardy as judge of ‘Cases of Conscience.’ St. Louis asks St. Thomas to teach Theology at St. Jacques}
1270 July 20 Third Sunday after SS. Peter and Paul. St. Thomas preaches before University against Avenvists } PARIS.
Aug. 10 St. Louis dies }
Dec. 28 Stephen Tempier, Bishop of Paris, condemns thirteen propositions }
1271 April Bishop of Paris forbids Masters and Bachelors of Arts to discuss theology }
1271 Sep. 1 GREGORY X. }
1272 After Easter St. Thomas leaves Paris. Octave of Pentecost. St. Thomas at General Chapter of Florence } NAPLES
Aug. 2 St. Thomas at death of brother-in-law, Roger dell Aquila, Count of Traetto }
Oct. 15 St. Thomas at Naples begins to teach. Charles V. pays pension for St. Thomas }
1273 Dec. 6 Vision }
1274 Jan. Leaves Naples for General Council of Lyons } FOSSANOVA.
Mar. 7 St. Thomas dies in the Cistercian Abbey of Fossanova }