Chronology: Alexander Hamilton

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Source: The Revolutionary Writings of Alexander Hamilton, edited and with an Introduction by Richard B. Vernier, with a Foreword by Joyce O. Appleby (Indianapolis: Liberty Fund, 2008). Hamilton Chronology.


Jan. 11, 1757 Alexander Hamilton born in the island of Nevis.
Oct., 1772 Arrives in New York.
1773 Enters college.
Dec. 15, 1774 Publishes the Full Vindication.
1775 Joins a volunteer corps.
1776 Takes command of artillery company.
March 1, 1777 Joins Washington’s Staff.
1779 Writes his first letter to Robert Morris on the National Bank.
Sept. 3, 1780 Letter to Duane on Government.
Dec. 14, 1780 Married to Miss Schuyler.
1782 Admitted to the bar.
June, 1782 Appointed Receiver of Taxes.
Nov., 1782 Enters Congress.
1783 Returns to practice of the law.
1786 Delegate to Annapolis Convention.
1786 Elected to the New York Legislature.
1787 Delegate to the Philadelphia Convention.
1787 Writes the Federalist.
1788 Delegate to the New York Convention.
Sept., 1789 Appointed Secretary of the Treasury.
Jan. 14, 1790 Transmits to the House the First Report on the Public Credit.
Jan. 31, 1795 Resigns the Secretaryship of the Treasury and returns to the practice of the law.
July 25, 1798 Appointed Inspector-General of the Army with the rank of Major-General.
July 2, 1800 Retires from the army.
July 11, 1804 Shot by Burr in a duel at Weehawken.
July 12, 1804 Death.

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