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Best of the OLL

24 items

Helpful introductions and carefully edited selections bring the OLL into focus. With recommendations for further reading and useful explanatory notes, these Best of the OLL selections are an ideal way to begin exploring the ideas of…

Classics of Liberty

40 items

The following texts have been selected for being among the most important and influential books in the development of the idea of individual liberty, limited government, and the free market. Each author is represented by only one…

Early Church Fathers

7 items

The Early Church Fathers consisted of the group of Christian theologians who were active in the first five centuries of the Christian Church. They interpreted Christian doctrine, laid down the canonical texts, and created the…

Founding Fathers' Library

29 items

Donald Lutz drew up a list of the most frequently cited authors by members of the Founding Generation of the American Republic. A full list can be found here and there is a bibliographical essay on this topic by Forrest McDonald.

Introduction to the Study of Liberty - Works to Begin with

21 items

The following texts have been selected as being particularly appropriate for those who are new to the study of individual liberty, limited government, and the free market. These works have been written as introductory works or for a…

Other Authors Recommended by Pierre Goodrich

50 items

In addition to the names inscribed on the walls of the Goodrich Seminar Room in the Library at Wabash College, Indiana, Goodrich also recommended the works of the following authors.

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our online version of the Goodrich…

Primary Sources

19 items

The Online Library of Liberty contains a number of collections of primary sources dealing with history and political thought.