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Titles that begin with “L”

Title Author Published Edition Type
L.S.E. Essays on Cost James M. Buchanan 1937 1981 Collection
The Lamp of Experience Trevor Colbourn 1965 1998 Book
A Lasting Peace through the Federation of Europe and The State of War Jean-Jacques Rousseau 1917 1917 Collection
The Law (FEE ed.) Frédéric Bastiat 1998 1998 Essay
Law in a Free State Wordsworth Donisthorpe 1895 1895 Collection
The Law (revised LF ed.) Frédéric Bastiat 2018 2018 Essay
The Law of Intellectual Property (1855) Lysander Spooner 1855 1855 Book
The Law of Nations (LF ed.) Emer de Vattel 1797 2008 Book
The Law of Nations (1833 ed.) Emer de Vattel 1833 1883 Book
The Law of Torts (4th ed.) Sir Frederick Pollock 1886 1895 Book
The League. (1843-1846). National Anti-Corn Law League 1846 1846 Set
A Lecture on Free Trade, in connexion with the Corn Laws Thomas Hodgskin 1843 1843 Book
Lectures on Justice, Police, Revenue and Arms (1763) Adam Smith 1869 1869 Book
Lectures on Modern History John Emerich Edward Dalberg, Lord Acton 1906 1906 Collection
Lectures on Political Economy Mountifort Longfield 1834 1834 Book
Lectures on Political Economy, 2 vols. Dugald Stewart 1855 1855 Set
Lectures on the Early History of Institutions Sir Henry Sumner Maine 1874 1914 Book
Lectures on the French Revolution (1910 ed.) John Emerich Edward Dalberg, Lord Acton 1910 1910 Book
Lectures on the French Revolution (LF ed.) John Emerich Edward Dalberg, Lord Acton 1910 2000 Book
Lectures on the Relation between Law and Public Opinion (2nd ed. 1919) Albert Venn Dicey 1905 1919 Book
Lectures on the Relation between Law and Public Opinion (LF ed.) Albert Venn Dicey 1917 2008 Book
The Legacy of Friedrich von Hayek, 7 vols. Robert Pippin 2000 2008 Set
A Letter concerning Toleration and Other Writings John Locke 2010 2010 Collection
Letter to Charles Sumner (1864) Lysander Spooner 1864 1864 Pamphlet
A Letter to Grover Cleveland (1886) Lysander Spooner 1886 1886 Book
A Letter to Thomas Bayard (1882) Lysander Spooner 1882 1882 Pamphlet
Letters and Journal William Stanley Jevons 1886 1886 Collection
Letters of Crito, on the Causes, Objects, and Consequences, of the Present War John Millar 1796 1796 Book
Letters of David Hume to William Strahan David Hume 1756 1888 Collection
The Letters of John Hus Jan Huss 1904 1904 Collection
Letters of Lord Acton to Mary, Daughter of the Right Hon. W.E. Gladstone John Emerich Edward Dalberg, Lord Acton 1904 1913 Collection
Letters of Marcus Tullius Cicero Marcus Tullius Cicero 1909 1909 Collection
Letters of Sidney, on Inequality of Property John Millar 1796 1796 Book
Letters on the Factory Act Nassau William Senior 1837 1837 Book
Letters to Mr. Malthus, and A Catechism of Political Economy Jean Baptiste Say 1821 1821 Collection
Letters to the Right Honourable Edmund Burke Joseph Priestley 1791 1791 Book
Lettres d’un habitant des Landes Frédéric Bastiat 1877 1877 Book
Leviathan (1909 ed) Thomas Hobbes 1651 1909 Book
The Liberal Mind Kenneth Minogue 1963 2000 Book
Liberalism: The Classical Tradition (1927) (LF ed.) Ludwig von Mises 1962 2005 Book
Liberalism: A Socio-Economic Exposition (IHS ed.) Ludwig von Mises 1962 1978 Book
Liberty and American Experience in the Eighteenth Century David Womersely 2006 2006 Collection
Liberty and Liberalism (1888) Bruce Smith 1887 1888 Book
Liberty and Order: The First American Party Struggle Lance Banning 1787 2004 Collection
Liberty Fund Books Catalog 2010 2010 Set
Liberty Matters Online Forum OLL Editor 2013 2013 Set
The Liberty of Ancients Compared with that of Moderns (1819) Benjamin Constant 1819 1819 Essay
Liberty, Equality, Fraternity (1874 ed) James Fitzjames Stephen 1874 1874 Book
Liberty, Equality, Fraternity (LF ed.) James Fitzjames Stephen 1874 1993 Book
Liberty, Order, and Justice James McClellan 1989 2000 Book
The Life and Times of Frederick Douglass: From 1817-1882 Frederick Douglass 1881 1882 Book
Life of Adam Smith John Rae 1895 1895 Book
The Life of George Washington John Marshall 1838 2000 Book
The Life of Richard Cobden John Morley 1879 1903 Book
Literature of Liberty: A Review of Contemporary Liberal Thought Leonard P. Liggio 1978 1978 Set
The Little Clay Cart King Shudraka 1905 1905 Book
The Lives of the Twelve Caesars Suetonius Tranquillus 120 CE 1909 Collection
Logic, Metaphysics, and the Natural Sociability of Mankind Francis Hutcheson 1730 2006 Collection
Lombard Street: A Description of the Money Market Walter Bagehot 1873 1873 Book
The Lyrical Dramas of Aeschylus Aeschylus 1906 1906 Collection