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Quotations about Liberty and Power Sport and Liberty

Mises on human action, predicting the future, and who will win the World Cup Football tournament (1966) Ludwig von Mises 2010-06-21
Macaulay and Bunyan on the evils of swearing and playing hockey on Sunday (1830) Thomas Babington, Lord Macaulay 2010-03-01
John Hobson argues that sport plays an important part in British imperialism for all classes and that the “spirit of adventure” is now played out in the colonies (1902) John A. Hobson 2010-02-07
The Earl of Shaftesbury relates the story of an unscrupulous glazier who gives the rowdy town youths a football so they will smash windows in the street and thus drum up business (1737) Anthony Ashley Cooper, Earl of Shaftesbury 2010-02-04
Nisbet on how violent, contact sports like football redirect people’s energies away from war (1988) Robert A. Nisbet 2010-02-03
Frederick Pollock argues that a violent assault on the football field is not an actionable tort because it is part of the activities of a voluntarily agreed to association of adults (1895) Sir Frederick Pollock 2010-02-01
Herbert Spencer worries that the violence and brutalities of football will make it that much harder to create a society in which individual rights will be mutually respected (1879) Herbert Spencer 2010-01-25

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