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Quotations about Liberty and Power Liberty

Joseph Priestley on the presumption of liberty (1771) Joseph Priestley 2018-02-26
The Levellers’ Declaration of Independence (March 1647) William Walwyn 2016-07-04
Madame de Staël on how liberty is ancient and despotism is modern (1818) Germaine de Staël 2016-02-01
De Lolme on Liberty as equality under the laws (1784) Jean Louis De Lolme 2015-03-02
Richard Price on giving thanks for the principles of the Revolution of 1688 (1789) Richard Price 2014-11-24
Guizot on man’s unquenchable desire for liberty and free political institutions (1820-22) François Guizot 2014-09-08
Liberty in the French Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen (1789) Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de La Fayette 2014-07-14
Edmund Burke on liberty as “social” not “individual” liberty (1789) Edmund Burke 2014-03-31
Jacques Maritain on the dynamism of freedom (1938) Jacques Maritain 2014-03-17
Mises on liberalism and the battle of ideas (1927) Ludwig von Mises 2014-02-24
Magna Carta guaranteed the freemen of the kingdom their liberties forever (1215) Misc (Magna Carta) 2013-12-09
Richard Overton argues that to submit to the unjust rule by another is to violate one’s right of self ownership (1646) Richard Overton 2013-11-11
Guizot on how intellectual and political diversity and competition created a unique European civilization (1828) François Guizot 2013-09-16
Herbert Spencer on the prospects for liberty (1882) Herbert Spencer 2013-09-09
Bastiat’s has a utopian dream of drastically reducing the size of the French state (1847) Frédéric Bastiat 2013-08-28
John Millar on liberty as an unintended consequence of a struggle between tyrants (1787) John Millar 2013-06-16
Kant on the natural right to seek happiness in one’s own way (1791) Immanuel Kant 2013-03-18
Tocqueville on the true love of liberty (1856) Alexis de Tocqueville 2013-02-04
Madison on “Parchment Barriers” and the defence of liberty I (1788) James Madison 2012-12-17
Simeon Howard on liberty as the opposition to “external force and constraint” (1773) Charles S. Hyneman 2012-10-22

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