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Quotations about Liberty and Power Food & Drink

William Graham Sumner on how “society” helps the drunkard in the gutter (1883) William Graham Sumner 2014-09-15
Benjamin Franklin on killing and cooking a turkey with electricity (1748) Benjamin Franklin 2012-11-22
Bastiat, the 1830 Revolution, and the Spilling of Wine not Blood (1830) Frédéric Bastiat 2012-08-05
Lysander Spooner on the idea that laws against “vice” (victimless crimes) are unjust (1875) Lysander Spooner 2010-03-31
Herbert Spencer on the pitfalls of arguing with friends at the dinner table (1897) Herbert Spencer 2009-11-23
David Hume examines the pride of the turkey (and other creatures) (1739) David Hume 2008-11-24
As if in answer to Erasmus' prayer, Spencer does become a Philosopher of the Kitchen arguing that “if there is a wrong in respect of the taking of food (and drink) there must also be a right” (1897) Herbert Spencer 2004-11-29
Erasmus argues that Philosophizing is all very well but there is also a need for there to be a Philosopher of the Kitchen (1518) Desiderius Erasmus 2004-11-22
Adam Smith on how Government Regulation and Taxes might drive a Man to Drink (1766) Adam Smith 2004-07-12

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