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User Guide to the Forum (February 2008 edition)

The OLL is divided into two parts: The Forum, which contains essays and educational aids about the authors and texts; and the Library, which contains the texts in multiple formats (PDF and HTML). This Guide to the Forum is available in one large PDF file (4.1 MB) or as individual images which are listed below. The images have commentary and instructions on how to use the many features of the Library:

  • About the Forum - note that all Forum pages have a burgundy banner, the Forum and the Library each have their own search engines
  • Forum Resources
    • Bibliographies - there are some long bibliographical essays about key authors and ideas as well as shorter bibliographies
    • Biographies - there are some long biographical essays about key authors as well as shorter biographies and chronologies
    • Conversations - there are 25 conversations or interviews with some of the leading classical liberal political philosophers and economists or our time, we plan to add more podcasts with authors and editors of Liberty Fund published books
    • Essays - we have over 600 essays about key people and topics with links to relevant additional material in the Library
    • Forgotten Gems - we have listed here some neglected and intriguing extracts of books we have in the Library
    • Images of Liberty - many books we put online have illustrations. Here is a collection of some of the more interesting ones which are amusing or which are especially interesting
    • The Goodrich Seminar Room - the Goodrich Seminar Room is part of the Lilly Library, Wabash College, Indiana. The walls are inscribed with the names of 100 of the most important authors who helped develop the idea of individual liberty. We have reconstructed the room in a virtual format here with links to information about the authors and to their works in the Library
    • Key Documents - we have collected here scores of key political and legal documents which have been instrumental in helping to build free societies since Magna Carta. It is particularly strong on 17th and 18th century English and American documents (chronological list)
    • Teaching Resources - here are various resources which can be used in the classroom, such as chronologies, timelines of key author's lives and intellectual debates, and video viewing guides for videos distributed by Liberty Fund
  • Guide to User Created Reading Lists for more information.
  • RSS feeds - you can subscribed to this feed to be informed of new additions to the Forum
  • What's New - there is information about recent additions to the Forum which can also be accessed via the front page
  • Search the Forum - you can do a key word search of the essays and guides in the Forum from this page (note that to do a full text search of the books in the Library you need to use the Advanced Search feature of the Library
  • Archive - the Archive contains material which has been previously featured on the front page, such as quote of the week, featured book, featured author

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