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Throughout the Civilized World, nations are courting the praise of fostering Science and the useful Arts, and are opening their eyes to the principles and the blessings of Representative Government. The American people owe it to themselves, and to the cause of free Government, to prove by their establishments for the advancement and diffusion of Knowledge, that their political Institutions, which are attracting observation from every quarter, and are respected as Models, by the new-born States in our own Hemisphere, are as favorable to the intellectual and moral improvement of Man as they are conformable to his individual & social Rights. What spectacle can be more edifying or more seasonable, than that of Liberty & Learning, each leaning on the other for their mutual & surest support?
James Madison to W. T. Barry (1822)


Great books are the repository of knowledge and experience. Through its publishing program, Liberty Fund seeks to preserve the wisdom and learning of the ages, and to strengthen, in particular, our understanding and appreciation of individual liberty and responsibility. For three decades, Liberty Fund has made available some of the finest books in history, politics, philosophy, law, education, and economics—books of enduring value that have helped to shape ideas and events in man’s quest for liberty, order, and justice.

Liberty Fund books are edited in accordance with the highest standards of scholarly publishing. Many include new noninterpretive forewords, prefaces, or introductions by leading authorities, as well as annotations, bibliographies, and indexes. Our books are designed to last, to be read again and again; and we make certain that they will always be available at reasonable prices. They are produced according to the highest standards of book production—on acid-free paper, with Smythsewn signatures for both the hardcover and the paperback editions. Liberty Fund books are a valuable asset in any library or personal collection. Liberty Fund has already published more than 250 titles. For a complete listing and description, a catalog is available upon request.

The Online Library of Liberty has many Liberty Fund books available online. A list of them can be found at this page. The OLL also has the following resources related to Liberty Fund's publishing program:

Last modified April 13, 2016