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Intellectual Portrait Series

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  • DVDs of these conversations can be ordered from LF's online catalog.
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Intellectual Portrait Series: Conversations with some of the leading Classical Liberal Figures of our time.

Conversations with some of the most original thinkers of our generation are now available on DVD and videotape from Liberty Fund’s online catalog or in various audio only formats at this website. Liberty Fund taped conversations with two dozen of the most original thinkers about liberty of our times. They included Armen A. Alchian, Manuel Ayau, Jacques Barzun, Raoul Berger, Lord Peter Thomas Bauer, Gary Becker, James M. Buchanan, Ronald Coase, Richard Cornuelle, M. Stanton Evans, Milton Friedman, Ernest van den Haag, Lord Ralph Harris and Arthur Seldon, Max Hartwell, John Hospers, Harry Jaffa, Anthony de Jasay, Israel Kirzner, Paul McCracken, Ralph McInerny, Ljubo Sirc, Sir Alan Walters.

The series contains the following titles:

Last modified April 13, 2016