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Get the MARC records for an OLL title

In October 2007 we began including the MARC records with the books we put online. We encourage librarians to download these and add them to their own library catalogs.

The MARC record is included on the book's table of contents page in the box entitled "This Title Is Available In The Following Formats". See this example taken from Clausewitz's On War. vol. 1:




Right clicking on the link will enable you to download this MARC record to your computer desktop.

Our MARC records are created at the OCLC site and our titles are part of a collection at WorldCat called the Online Library of Liberty Series.

We are working on creating MARC records for all the titles we have at the OLL website. As we work through the backlog we will add batches of 50 MARC records to this page for bulk downloading.

Last modified April 13, 2016