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The Forum is designed to encourage discussion and learning about the relationship between liberty and the humanities or the artes liberales ("liberal arts"). [See our sister website Econlib (external link) for additional discussion of economics and liberty].

 The Forum contains the following resources:

  1. Bibliographies - this section contains numerous short bibliographies on key topics and figures as well as lengthier bibliographical essays. Wherever possible, links to the writings of authors mentioned in the bibliographies are made to our versions in the OLL so that you can read this material for yourself in the original. 
  2. Biographies - these provide more detailed information about the life and work of key authors who have contributed to our understanding of individual liberty.
  3. Conversations - conversations with Liberty Fund authors and other defenders of individual liberty are available for download in MP3 format.
  4. Essays - this section contains introductions and essays on key thinkers and the main subject areas of the OLL.
  5. Forgotten Gems - some texts have been neglected or even forgotten. A number are highlighted here.
  6. Goodrich Seminar Room - these are short biographical essays and bibliographies of the 100 most important writers and documents which Pierre Goodrich believed have contributed most to our understanding of the nature of individual liberty.
  7. Images of Liberty - here are a collection of images which we have come across while getting the texts ready to go online.
  8. Key Documents - this is a collection of key legal, constitutional, and political documents which have helped shape the emergence of free institutions in the West.
  9. RSS - you can subscribe to one or more of our RSS feeds to be informed when new material has been added to the OLL.
  10. Timelines - this sections contains a number of timelines of key individuals and political movements in order to show graphically the works they wrote, the events which occurred during their lives, and the intellectual context in which they lived.
  11. Video Guides - Liberty Fund produces a number of videos on subjects the ideas of Adam Smith and Hayek, Hong Kong as a free city and economy, the American Constitution, which can be used for teaching purposes. To assist teachers we have produced a number of Guides to accompany these videos.
  12. Other/Professional Meetings - representatives of Liberty Fund regularly attend professional and academic association meetings to tell librarians and scholars about our online material. This a list of these meetings and the resources which are most relevant to these groups. 

Last modified April 13, 2016