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First Things to note about the new look OLL website

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A new tripartite structure

The contents are structured around three main sections: Titles, People, and Ideas. Each of these sections has a main page which lists various groups of authors, collections of titles, topics, and other aides and study guides.

A more image rich presentation of the material

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A new search engine

The search box at the top of the page has a drop down menu which lets the user choose what type of search to do: a key word search across the entire site; key words from the names of titles; the name of an author; key words from the collection of essays; or from among the many groups such as Schools of Thought, Topics, or other Collections.

A new layout for the display of books

When you go to a book page, such as James Mill’s Commerce Defended, the entire book in HTML will be displayed. You can still choose to view or download the title in other formats such as facsimile PDF or other ebook formats.

New features include the following:

  • you can also choose what kind of bibliographic format you would like to use - MLA style, APA style, or Turabian style.
  • we now display in line the original page numbers of the book to assist with citations
  • as you move your cursor down the text you will see symbols of an anchor and a star which provide information about linking to or citing a particular paragraph. For example:
    • clicking on the anchor produces this “/titles/mill-commerce-defended#Mill_0874_109” which is a direct link to this paragraph
    • clicking on the star produces this “James Mill, Commerce Defended. An Answer to the Arguments by which Mr. Spence, Mr. Cobbett, and Others, have attempted to Prove that Commerce is not a source of National Wealth (London: C. and R. Baldwin, 1808). 03/21/2014. //titles/mill-commerce-defended#Mill_0874_109” which is a full bibliographical reference to this paragraph which can be used when citing it. The format of the citation depends upon what citation style you selected at the top of the page.

To search within a book you need to have the book open in HTML and use the search feature of your browser to find the key word or phrase.

Last modified April 10, 2014