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Create a new or second Reading List

Once you have created your first Reading List you might need some help in retracing your steps a bit in order to create another Reading List. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Go to The Forum/Reading Lists/Log In and enter your email and the password you used to create your first Reading List
  2. A list of the reading lists you have already created should present itself ("My Lists")
  3. Double click on one to open it to begin editing, or select "Add a List" to create a new one
  4. Select "Advanced Search" or "Find Author/Title" in The Library to find books or select "Search the Forum" in The Forum to find essays and study guides to add to your list.
  5. When you have opened the book, chapter of a book, or essay which you wish to add to your Reading List find the floating box which appears on the right when you are in the editing mode (called the "Reading List Editor Tools"). Towards the bottom of the box is a button called "Add Current Page to List". Click on this to add the open book, chapter, or essay to your new Reading List.
  6. Then use the search features in step 4 again until you have found all the titles which you wish to include on your new Reading List
  7. When you have finished adding titles you can edit the list to make it more presentable. Go to the top of the floating "Reading List Editor Tools" box on the right and click on the button marked "Currently Editing: ...". This will take you to the editing page where you can add headings, introductory material, other links, and rearrange the order of your selections. Click on "Update" to save your changes.
  8. When you have finish editing your list "Preview" it to make sure it looks OK, then you can "Publish" your list
  9. Don't forget to Log Out when you have finished editing your list. This will make sure that the "Reading List Editor Tools" box does not appear when you are browsing the OLL website
  10. There is a final step where the editor of OLL checks your list to see that it complies with Liberty Fund's educational policies. If it does, then it will be published on the OLL website and it will appear listed with the other reading lists on the OLL.
more information on Creating Reading Lists see our <a href="/pages/create-a-reading-list">more detailed How To page</a>.

Last modified April 13, 2016