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Copyright and Fair Use

The material in the Online Library of Liberty is made available to the public in furtherance of the Liberty Fund's educational goals, "to encourage study of the ideal of a society of free and responsible individuals." For details concerning Copyright and Fair Use of this material see below:


There are four different types of texts which Liberty Fund has put online as part of the Online Library of Liberty:

  1. public domain texts published before 1923. These texts are no longer under copyright and are in the public domain. We have put them online in order to further the educational aims of Liberty Fund.
  2. texts to which the Liberty Fund has electronic rights, such as the books published by Liberty Fund in both print and online formats
  3. other texts to which Liberty Fund has acquired the electronic rights from other parties, such as the journal Literature of Liberty (from the Institute for Humane Studies)
  4. titles which are put online under license from third parties, such as The Collected Works of John Stuart Mill (from the University of Toronto Press).

Reprint Permission

For titles in the first three categories listed above, no special permission from Liberty Fund is required for quoting material in papers and essays, or for limited photocopying and distribution for academic or other educational or non-profit purposes. The only requirements are that you include proper attribution on the first page of the document being distributed - e.g. " This material originally appeared on the Online Library of Liberty [] hosted by Liberty Fund, Inc." - and that you inclufundde the document title, URL, and date on the pages printed off by your browser.

For titles in category two and three, any reprint of material "for profit", such as a chapter or a substantial section of an online book for inclusion in a book or other publication for sale, requires written permission from Liberty Fund.

For titles in the fourth category you must follow the specific requirements of the copyright holder whose work we publish online under license. In the case of The Collected Works of John Stuart Mill published under license from the University of Toronto Press, for reprint or copying permission you need to contact UTP directly. Under our contractual obligations with UTP we have placed the following declaration on the front page of every book and section of the online version of The Collected Works of John Stuart Mill:

The online edition of the Collected Works is published under licence from the copyright holder, The University of Toronto Press. ©2006 The University of Toronto Press. All rights reserved. No part of this material may be reproduced in any form or medium without the permission of The University of Toronto Press.

Thus, for reprint or copying permission you need to contact UTP directly. Liberty Fund cannot grant you this permission because it is not the copyright holder.

Copyright Information for Specific Titles

Copyright information specific to each title is included on the table of contents page for that title as shown in the illustration below.



Last modified April 13, 2016