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About the Best of the OLL Anthology

The Best of the Online Library of Liberty


The Best of the Online Library of Liberty (BOLL) is a collection of some of the best material in the Online Library of Liberty. They are chapter length extracts and have been formatted as pamphlets for easier distribution. They are also available in epub format. These extracts should be useful in the classroom, discussion groups, or material for a literature table for outreach. Each extract begins with a brief bio of the author and a brief discussion of why the text is important. Links to the full book from which the extract came and further reading are provided at the back. The most important passages in the extract are highlighted as pull quotes. These extracts, along with our thematic collection of Quotations about Liberty and Power, provide an excellent introduction to the classical liberal and free market traditions [see below for details].

The first set of ten have been put online and include the following:

  1. John Locke, “Of Property” (1689)
  2. Vicesimus Knox, “The Prospect of Perpetual and Universal Peace" (1793)
  3. Ludwig von Mises, “The Economics of War” (1949)
  4. Ludwig von Mises, “Liberty and Property” (October, 1958)
  5. John Stuart Mill, “Of the Limits to the Authority of Society over the Individual” (1859)
  6. David Hume, “On Government” (1777)
  7. Adam Smith, “On Free Trade” (1776)
  8. Jean-Baptiste Say, “Of the Right of Property” (1819)
  9. Sir William Blackstone, “Of the Absolute Rights of Individuals” (1766)
  10. James M. Buchanan, “The Threat of Leviathan” (1975)

The full list can be found here <>.

Our collection of over 400 Quotations about Liberty and Power are organized around the following themes. Each quotation has a brief introduction and can be seen in context. See this page for the complete collection of 400 quotes at the end of 2012:

Colonies, Slavery & Abolition | Economics | Education | Food & Drink | Free Trade | Freedom of Speech | Law | Liberty | Literature & Music | Money & Banking | Natural Rights | Odds & Ends | Origin of Government | Parties & Elections | Philosophy | Politics & Liberty | Presidents, Kings, Tyrants, & Despots | Property Rights | Religion & Toleration | Revolution | Science | Socialism & Interventionism | Sport and Liberty | Taxation | The State | War & Peace | Women's Rights


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