Use the Library

User Guide to the Library (February 2008 edition)

The OLL is divided into two parts: The Forum, which contains essays and educational aids about the authors and texts; and the Library, which contains the texts in multiple formats (PDF and HTML). This Guide to the Library is available in one large (PDF 4.7 MB) or as individual images which are listed below. The images have commentary and instructions on how to use the many features of the Library:

  1. Title page
  2. Contents
  3. About the Library - note that all Library pages have a blue banner
  4. Copyright & Fair Use
  5. Search Tips
  6. "How to" Use the Library - short guides on how to do things
  7. Latest Additions to the Library - the 20 most recently added books
  8. RSS Feeds of the Latest Additions - subscribe to an RSS feed to keep informed of the latest additions (all titles or subject by subject)
  9. Author Lists - authors are listed alphabetically or by historical period, the columns are user sortable, pop-up descriptions of each author
  10. Title Lists - titles are listed alphabetically or by subject area, the columns are user sortable, pop-up descriptions of each title
  11. Searching a Subject Area - titles are listed by subject area, user sortable columns, a search box to search all titles in a given subject area
  12. Groups & Collections - authors are assigned to various groups, titles are assigned to various collections
  13. Topics (e.g. the American Revolution and Constitution) - user sortable columns, pop up descriptions of titles
  14. The Portable Library of Liberty DVD
  15. Quick Search by Author/Title - quickly find a book or author by searching for a key word from their name or title
  16. Advanced Search - search for a key word or phrase, limit the search by using filters based upon attributes of the author or the title
  17. Advanced Search Results - key word or phrase highlighted in the full paragraph in which is is located, citation button reveals full bibliographical infomation, URL and date accessed
  18. The Author Bio Page - search box to search all works by this author, shows all groups to which this author belongs, brief biographical information, list of all works by author in the OLL
  19. Book Table of Contents Page 1 - collections and formats - seach box to search just this volume, shows all collections and reading lists to which this title belongs, various formats the text is available in online (facsimile PDF, HTML, EBook PDF)
  20. Book Table of Contents Page 2 - bibliographical information - full bibliographical and copyright information,
  21. Book Table of Contents Page 3 - copyright and fair use info, table of contents
  22. Book Table of Contents Page 4 - table of contents - show/hide ToC toggle, linked ToC
  23. Viewing a Book in HTML 1 - title and citation button
  24. Viewing a Book in HTML 2 - member of a reading list info
  25. Viewing a Book in HTML 3 - table of contents
  26. MARC records 1 - general info
  27. MARC records 2 - batch download
  28. MARC records 3 - titles available
  29. MARC records 4 - individual titles
  30. MARC records 5 - WorldCat listing
  31. Copyright & Fair Use
  32. Individual Title Copyright
  33. Copyright & Attribution
  34. Citation Button