Mill and Taylor on Women

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John Stuart Mill's and Harriet Taylor's Writings on Women

The Collected Works of John Stuart Mill, ed. J.M. Robson (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, London: Routledge and Kegan Paul, 1963-1991), 33 vols. Editorial committee: J.M. Robinson, General Editor, Harold Bohme, J.C. Cairns, J.B. Conacher, D.P. Dryer, Marion Filipiuk, Frances Halpenny, Samuel Hollander, R.F. McRae, Ian Montagnes, Ann P. Robson, F.E. Sparshott.

The University of Toronto edition of the Collected Works of J.S. Mill did not gather all of Mill's writings on women into one volume (as they did with his writings on India). On this page we have done so, with links to the online edition.



From Volume XXI: Essays on Equality, Law, and Education

Essays on Equality, Law, and Education


From Volume XXII: Newspaper Writings December 1822-July 1831

December 1822 to December 1824 3

From Volume XXIII: Newspaper Writings August 1831-October 1834

September 1833 to October 1834 593

From Volume XXIV: Newspaper Writings January 1835-June 1847

Newspaper Writings: October 1846 to June 1847 879

From Volume XXV: Newspaper Writings December 1847-July 1873

Newspaper Writings: December 1847 to July 1858 1089

Newspaper Writings: March 1863 to July 1873 1201

From Volume XXVIII: Public and Parliamentary Speeches Part I

February to August 1866

February to August 1867

February to November 1868

From Volume XXIX: Public and Parliamentary Speeches Part II

Public and Parliamentary Speeches: July 1869-March 1873

Appendix D: Manuscript Drafts of Speech