Mark, Saint (1stC-)

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Mark was born sometime in the first century A.D. and is said to have died in Alexandria, Egypt. Information about his life is fragmentary. He went along with his brother Barnabas and Paul on their first mission to Antioch (Antakaya, Turkey). Barnabas and Mark left the mission early for unknown reasons and went to Cyprus. Mark was later active in the missionary work of both Peter and second of the synoptic Gospels. His is the oldest of the four Gospels and was used extensively by both Matthew and Luke in their work. The Gospel of Mark is traditionally said to have been based on the teachings of Peter, Mark's close companion and mentor. It is a chronological version of the life of Christ notable in part for the large number of parables it contains. The work reveals gradually the full nature of Jesus, his role on earth and in heaven, and the significance of the New Covenant. The Egyptian church traces its founding back to Mark and has been called Cathedra Marci since the fourth century A.D.


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