John, Saint (1stC-)

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John the Apostle is traditionally considered to be the author of the three Epistles of John, the Fourth Gospel, and Revelation. The Gospel and Epistles are generally viewed as connected works, with the earlier Epistles serving as an introduction or overview of the Gospel. Although the Gospel of John is radically different from the three synoptic Gospels, it has a unique "spiritual" role. The Fourth Gospel and the epistles appear to have been written with a knowledge of the other Gospels, which predate them. John focused on more spiritual matters, however, such as the dual nature of Christ, his relationship to God the father, false prophets, salvation, and the importance of divine love in this scheme. The Book of Revelation, which has had an important influence on the Christian canon as a major source of information on the Apocalypse, is a graphic representation of the second coming and God's judgment.


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