Amos (8thC BC-)

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biblical book named after him. He was born in the kingdom of Judah sometime in the eighth century B.C. and worked most of his life as a shepherd. Sometime around 750 B.C., during a period of divine revelation, he removed to the wealthier kingdom of Israel. Amos taught for a time in the Shrine of Bethel, a sacred place of worship under the protection of Jeroboam II, but was eventually asked to leave by the high priest, Amaziah, after which nothing more was heard from him.

Amos taught that God's justice extends to all men regardless of their nationality and that all men are expected to pursue justice. Because Israel and Judah were increasingly falling under the influence of evil ways, Amos predicted the destruction of the two kingdoms by plague and locusts. The destruction did indeed take place, though it was not by plague or locusts but by the conquering armies of the Assyrian Empire.


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