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Natural Law and Enlightenment Series

The Natural Law and Enlightenment Classics collection includes over 40 of the Enlightenment’s most significant—and most unusual—works on natural law, moral philosophy, political theory, jurisprudence, and theology. Under the general editorship of Knud Haakonssen, this series comprises works by Hugo Grotius, Samuel Pufendorf, Richard Cumberland, Francis Hutcheson, George Turnbull, Jean Jacques Burlamaqui, Emmerich de Vattel, Jean Louis De Lolme, and many others. Distinguished scholars from all over the world have edited these volumes, providing concise introductions to place the work in context. Each text also has annotations, an index, and, when necessary, supplemental appendixes. As appropriate, the series includes specially commissioned translations of French, German, and Latin texts that have never before been published in English.

See the listing of current and proposed titles in the Series with the expected date of publication.

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