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Quotations about Liberty and Power Taxation

William Cobbett denounces the destruction of liberty during and after the Napoleonic Wars (1817) William Cobbett 2015-07-13
Under Magna Carta the King cannot impose taxes without the approval of the “common counsel” of the kingdom (1215) John Lackland (King John) 2015-03-16
Adam Smith on the need for “peace, easy taxes, and a tolerable administration of justice” (1755) Adam Smith 2013-05-06
Jefferson on Taxes and the General Welfare (1791) Thomas Jefferson 2012-07-30
Sven Forkbeard and new Yuletide Taxes (11thC) Snorre Sturlason 2011-12-18
Adam Smith on how governments learn from each other the best way of draining money from the pockets of the people (1776) Adam Smith 2011-11-14
Luke, Taxes, and the Birth of Jesus (85) Saint Luke 2011-05-01
Mises on the public sector as “tax eaters” who “feast” on the assets of the ordinary tax payer (1953) Ludwig von Mises 2011-04-10
Knox on how the people during wartime are cowered into submission and pay their taxes “without a murmur” (1795) Vicesimus Knox 2011-01-18
Lysander Spooner argues that according to the traditional English common law, taxation would not be upheld because no explicit consent was given by individuals to be taxed (1852) Lysander Spooner 2009-08-18
Thomas Paine responded to one of Burke’s critiques of the French Revolution by cynically arguing that wars are sometimes started in order to incre